Path to Ruin - Etching - 2008 - 18 " x 24 " - Edition 30- $750

This is one of several prints I made of the Great Falls Bleachery complex in Somersworth, NH. I did the drawing for this print on site, sitting on a folding chair in 20 degree temperatures and gusting 40MPH winds. The wind kept ripping the drawing out of my gloved hands and blowing it across the millyard, when I'd get up to chase it down the wind would then start blowing my folding chair away.

For the etching itself I decided to go all-out with the brick textures that dominate the place. I never counted them, but I days drawing nothing but bricks, and based on the number that fill a square inch compared to the size of the plate, I figure there must be at least 9,000 individual bricks in the print. The plate itself was too large to really fit into small acid bath, necessitating some ingenuity on my part and adding in another frustrating challenge along the way.

Below are some details.


Someone had decided to dispose of some old furniture in the corner of the mill yard.

The drawing for Path to Ruin - pen on matboard (18"x24")

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