Evening Snow - Etching with Aquatint- 2011 - 16 " x21 " - Edition 30- $900

For several years I  wanted to attempt an etching with blowing snow, but I felt technically unprepared. After examining some Martin Lewis etchings up close, I decided to use a similar method, both as a sort of tribute to one of my favorite printmakers, and as an experiment in expanding my own technical vocabulary.

The result incorporates alot of linear etching, as well as some aquatint and burnishing to create the effect. The blowing snow itself, and the washes of gray in the sky and snow, were not added until the very end of the project. It was a leap of faith to watch the print develop for several months with only a mental picture of what would eventually result, and then to finally apply and partially destroy a layer of aquatint over a very different, but essentially finished image.

Incidentally, the drawing for this image was done before any snowflakes actually fell. Pictured below, is the study for the etching. I invented the appearance of the snow after taking some mental notes during the first few snowfalls of the year.

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