Doorway - Etching and aquatint- 2012 - 23.75 " x17.75 " - Edition 30 - $900

This is another view drawn at the Cape Ann Tool Company in Rockport, MA. Here, I'm peering through a crumbling, open-ceilinged boiler room and into a darkened corridor, as trees and vines snake up the walls around me. This is a view that I discovered years earlier while working on my etching Pigeon Cove. Returning eventually to draw on site, I worked for 7 sessions outdoors on the preparatory drawing, and later developed this print through 10 states in the studio.
Below, a view of the location while in progress:


 Both compositionally and in terms of subject matter, this print was directly inspired by several etchings that I've long admired. One is James Mcneill Whistler's masterpiece The Limeburner (Etching, 1859, 9 3/4" x 6 7/8"):

Another inspiration was Sydney Hurwitz' Bethlehem XIII (Aquatint and Watercolor, 1998, 22" x 30"), an impression of which I am lucky enough to have hanging on my living room wall: