Along the East River - Etching with Aquatint - 2010 - 13.5 " x18 " - Edition 30 - $400

This was based on a drawing I did at Empire Fulton-Ferry State Park, on the Brooklyn side of the East River. It was a beautiful and warm fall day, the final day of a New York trip. I used a parking barricade as an easel and worked very quickly. I often return to a site five or six times to continue drawing, in this case I knew I needed to capture all the essential information in one session so I wasted no time.

Normally, I begin working on an etching within a few days of completing the preparatory drawing on which it is based. In this case, I drew this scene in Brooklyn in November 2009, and did not begin the print until May 2010, six months and three etchings later.

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